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Tycoon Percussion Dancing Drum 11” Djembe

Product Description
  • Constructed of hand-selected environmentally friendly Siam Oak Wood
  • Traditional shell shape provides the most authentic African sound
  • A perfect balance of size, weight, and powerful sound, this Djembe is a real “firecracker”
  • 24¼" tall with a 11" diameter premium natural goat skin head
  • Excellent bass tones and sharp slap sounds
  • 5mm extra strong non-stretch rope for easy and long-lasting tuning

The Dancing Drum Signature Series Djembes are designed from the inside out, with sharp, defined contours, to produce tones that have a deep bass, rich mid-tones, and crisp slaps. Resting on a perfectly round and even bearing edge is a high-quality, unbleached goat skin that produces an authentic African djembe tone. Triple-ring mounting systems and non-stretch 5mm rope hold the skin tightly to the drum to help consistently retain the desired pitch. A rubber foot on the base of the djembe offers protection to the shell and surfaces that it is played on. The Dancing Drum Signature Series Djembes offer an exceptional combination of professional quality, value, and sound.