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Tycoon Percussion 12" Traditional Series Djembe

Product Description
  • These traditional African Djembes feature shells hand-carved in Ghana from a single piece of hardwood
  • Premium quality unbleached goatskin heads provide for superior tonal qualities
  • 5 mm non-stretch rope allows for easy and long lasting tuning

Tycoon Percussion's Traditional Series Hand Carved African Rope Tuned Djembe is hand carved by master craftsman in Ghana. Constructed of a single piece of African Hardwood, this drum features a handpicked premium quality bleached goat skin head for an ultra-powerful bass and cracking, high slaps. Each drum is carved with deep, textured patterns, where no two drums are ever exactly the same. Extra strong 5 mm non-stretch rope for durable, long lasting tuning. Deep and powerful tones make it perfect for stage or drum circles.