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Rocktron Replitone 1x12 Guitar Amp Combo

Product Description

Get the sounds the players get with a powerful Rocktron DSP combo amp that models the artists, not just the amps. RepliTone amps feature the latest breakthrough in Digital Tube Replication technology (DTR ) to replicate the artists and their many vintage and modern amplifiers. Rocktron RepliTones give you tweeds, plexis, fuzz tones, jazz tones as well as thrash, Class A, '70s style, and many more. Each replication features all of the dynamic characteristics of the original sound including EQ, gain structure and attack dynamics. The amp features HUSH noise reduction, 24-bit stereo digital effects, 30 programmable presets with MIDI interface, 16 vintage and modern replications, tap tempo delay and trem rate, dozens of effect configurations, headphone output with speaker simulator, and 60W of power to drive the 12" speaker.

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