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Reverend Slingshot Jr USA, 57 Yellow 2001 - SOLD

Product Description
  • Molded polymer body
  • Phenolic top and back
  • Maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Single P90 pickups
  • Banjo style armrest
  • Volume & tone controls

The Reverend Slingshot Jr brings attitude and personality to any stage or studio! With just a single P90 pickup in the bridge, it will add a wide, resonant, rich tone to any rhythm or a nasal snarl with a bite to any lead. Roll off the volume a little bit and you are in guitar clean tone heaven. Turn up the gain and you're playing like you belong at CBGBs in the 70s. Cool "57 Yellow" color adds to the classic vibe of this guitar. This Reverend Slingshot Jr also has one of the nicest and more beautiful maple necks we've seen in a long time, on ANY guitar, not just a Reverend. This guitar literally plays itself. Smooth, fast, comfortable and effortless - whether you're strumming some open chords or wailing away and bending up 3 1/2 steps!