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Reverend Buck-"Shot Gun" Custom, 3 Tone Sunburst - SOLD

Product Description

Our jaws dropped when this walked through the door at the shop. We're huge Reverend fans to begin with but we haven't seen anything like this one yet. It is the Buckshot platform, but with the pickguard and electronics from the Six Gun, also from the year that Reverend was putting out the 3 tone burst finishes as opposed to the regular 2 tone bursts. This really is the most eye catching guitar in the shop! A little more specific: The bridge pickup was left untouched - it is the standard Buckshot T pickup for that "Fat Twang" sound. The neck and middle pickups are taken right off a Six Gun - single coils with a little more roundness and punch than a standard single. And the 3 way switch was swapped for a 5 way. All that with the bass contour knob gives you a very UNIQUE set of tones out of one guitar. As far as the condition of the guitar - it is absolutely mint and set up with very low action. Plays effortless. Ready to ship! Please e-mail us, or feel free to use out webchat with any questions!