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Retro Channel RR1 Retro Wreck Guitar Head Amplifier (New-Old Stock)

Product Description

Monster Music recently acquired the inventory of a fellow dealer and we've gotten some killer new and "new old stock" boutique items for you in the process. We are in possession of a true gold mine here, folks!

The RR1 is a faithful, uncanny solid-state tribute to the old TrainWreck amps.

The amp that Retro Channel emulated was known for it's incredible harmonic content, unmatched touch sensitivity and beautiful tone. That incredibly rare amp is no longer in production and examples of this amplifier fetch upwards of $40,000 in the used market.

High-end boutique amps are generally very preamp tube dependant. Changing the preamp tubes in this type of circuit changes the tone and feel of the amp. Retro Channel has eliminated that variable. They provide the best possible touch-sensitive tube tone with our proprietary solid state chip set and the player can now enjoy a lifetime of consistent high quality performance, with zero maintenance.

The RR1 includes features like: Master Volume Control (obtain the tones you desire at any volume level, even bedroom volumes), A 100 watt power section (for incredible headroom), Effects loop, Line out (the amp provides the same performance whether used with or without a cabinet) 

To be used with 16ohm or 8ohm loads only.

The RR1 is a super touch-sensitive amp. If you have not been one to use the volume control on your guitar much in the past, this is definitely the time to start. The RR1 cleans up very well with the volume knob on your guitar. Try cranking up the gain on the RR1, all the way up if you like, and then back the volume knob off on your guitar to 2 or 3. Now play...You should be hearing a significantly cleaner tone, without huge volume loss. This is the beauty of the RR1 circuit. Now crank that puppy back up and enjoy some feedback.

Monster Music has been in business for close to 30 years, so please bid and buy with confidence!