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Reason Amp Company SM-20 1x12 Combo Guitar Amplifier (New-Old Stock)

Product Description

Monster Music recently acquired the inventory of a fellow dealer and we've gotten some killer new and "new old stock" boutique items for you in the process. We are in possession of a true gold mine here, folks!

The SM25 is a combo and was fashioned after its bigger brother, the SM50. Featuring 6V6’s in the power section, give the SM25 a slightly more American voice. It features independent Normal and Bright channels, each voiced to deliver wonderful vintage tones in “plug n’ play” fashion. Additionally, it delivers a third channel or mode, called StackMode. 

The StackMode feature on your amp sets it apart from any other amp on the market. Using StackMode will allow you access to a broad range of sounds including some that are simply not possible on other vintage voiced amplifiers. Furthermore, StackMode allows you the ability to adjust unique parameters through its simple control set and interactive features. 

At Reason, we feel that your amplifier should feel like a natural extension of your instrument and that it should inspire you to play better. We’re confident that your SM25 will meet and exceed your expectations! 


Output: 25 watts RMS @ 5% THD
(2) 6V6 output tubes, in Class AB Fixed Biased configuration
(4) 12ax7 preamp tubes
GZ34 Rectifier tube
3 way Stack switch - Normal, Stack, Bright
Normal channel - Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass
Bright channel - Volume, Tone

StackMode - Bright & Normal channel controls are active, Stack Volume & Hi-Cut

Oversized extra capacity power supply

Power Switch

Standby Switch

Independent output jacks for 4,8, 16-Ohm operation

Footswitch access to all three channels/modes

Monster Music has been in business for close to 30 years, so please bid and buy with confidence!