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Railhammer Anvil Pickup - Bridge Position - Chrome

Product Description
We took the Chisel platform and cranked up the windings another 15%. Now you have all the low end, thick mids, and smooth treble you expect from a high output beast. But this beast knows when to behave, offering up clarity and responsiveness unheard of in a pickup this hot. The perfect choice for amp pummeling power and girth without the mush. If you like “JB” pickups, you’ll be blown away by the Anvil.

  • Model: ANV-B
  • K Ohms: 15.0
  • Wire Gauge: 44
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • Use With: Chisel-Neck, Hyper Vintage-Neck
  • Treble: 5.5
  • Hi Mid: 6
  • Lo Mid: 6
  • Bass: 6.5
  • Output: 8