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Peavey Room full of Marvel Guitars 2016 - you get ALL FOUR guitars here.

Product Description
Hey Folks. This would make for a really cool gift for a comic fan and/or really nicely decorate a music room or a basement. This is being sold as a package but you are getting FOUR new, graphic, Peavey Rockmaster guitars. These are brand new, nicely set up, ready to rock and with NO issues whatsoever. These were all part of a group of guitars that Peavey had the rights to in 2015 and 2016 (but no longer have) so we are moving these four out as a sweet package.

Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hulk and one non-Marvel Darth Vader guitar. Look how great they look in the photos. These are the ACTUAL instruments you will be unboxing. 

Listing is for the guitars only. All four will be thoroughly and professionally packed. Shipping contemplates pricier cost of shipping all four.

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