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Orange TH30C 30-watt 1x12" Combo Amp

Product Description

Leave it to Orange to create a super-compact tube combo amp that's powerful enough for the stage, versatile enough for the studio, and portable enough to take anywhere. The TH30 combo packs its tube-fired power plant plus a 12" speaker into a chassis that's small enough to easily fit in your trunk or back seat. You get two channels that let you range from glassy clean to aggressively crunchy, so you're ready to take on your favorite styles in Orange style. The TH30 combo lets you choose among 30-, 15-, and 7-watt settings, so you can get the absolute most out of this amp on a loud stage, in the rehearsal room, or in the studio.

The TH30 combo comes loaded with two ECC83 preamp tubes and four EL84 power tubes. The onboard effects loop is also tube-powered (it uses a single ECC81 tube). The result? Big, beautiful, classic tones! The fact that Orange was able to coax such outstanding sonics out of such a small enclosure makes the TH30 combo even more of an amazing find. When you want to keep the volume at lower levels but need to make those tubes cook, choose the low-wattage setting. It's ideal for the studio or for quieter practice environments. Want to make some tube-flavored noise at a reasonable stage or studio volume level? Choose the 15-watt setting. You can drive the power tubes hard without driving the neighbors away. When it's time to hit the stage, go for the 30 watt setting. At 30 Class-A watts, this Orange amp will keep up with any band; it's capable of surprisingly high volume levels.

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