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Pigtronix Philosophers Rock(New-Old Stock/Original Box)

Product Description
Monster Music recently acquired the inventory of a fellow dealer and we've gotten some killer new and "new old stock" boutique items for you in the process. We are in possession of a true gold mine here, folks!
Compression, sustain, and distortion - right at your toetips

The Pigtronix Philosopher's Rock gives you premium-quality compression, sustain, and distortion - collectively, mother's milk to electric guitar tone - in a compact stompbox with just two knobs (and a little chromium switch). This tonal bounty has been harvested from Pigtronix's highly-regarded Philosopher's Tone pedal and distilled into a simpler device that's arguably easier and quicker to use. Although having fewer controls than it's bigger sibling, the Philosopher's Rock sports four times the compression range. Pigtronix has also fitted this little stompbox with a Germanium Distortion circuit - engaged by the aforementioned little chrome "Grit" switch - that serves up a staggering palette of yummy overdrive.

Ultra-low-noise performance gives you maximum configuration flexibility

With its ultra-low-noise design, the Pigtronix Philosopher's Rock lets you configure your setup any way you want. this pedal is right at home in front of your already-dirty tube amp. Unless you're amp is of a particularly high-gain design, you know you need a little help to send your tone over the top. The Philosopher's Rock is just what you need. You can also combine the Philosopher's Rock with other pedals for a virtually limitless palette of guitar sounds.

Two knobs and a switch give you easy, streamlined operation

Simple can be best - especially when you're in the middle of a set. In the Philosopher's Rock the Treble and Blend functions of the original Philosopher's Tone are preset to the sweet spot for easy operation, onstage and in the studio. The Philosopher's Rock has a true-bypass switch.

Pigtronix Philosopher's Rock Compression/Sustain/Distortion Guitar Pedal Features:
  • Ultra wide range of compression tones
  • Infinite Clean Sustain without noise
  • 100% Analog, optical design
  • "Grit" switch engages Harmonic Germanium Distortion
  • True-bypass switch
  • Operates on standard 9-volt battery or power adapter (NOT included)
Monster Music has been in business for close to 30 years, so please bid and buy with confidence.