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Kramer Pacer Standard 1982 "Spiderweb" *VERY RARE*

Product Description

Calling all Kramer collectors!! You don't see this guitar every day! This is a 1982 Kramer Pacer Standard, and yes it was offered in that finish with that artwork. This is a real gem and if you are a Kramer collector/enthusiast you know you won't see another one like it for a long time. It was only offered for that one year and not very many were produced. This is one that you buy to gig with, or more likely to add to your guitar collection. The body and electronics are all original. The neck has been replaced with a later 80s maple/rosewood board Kramer neck. Now, because the neck was taken from a Floyd Rose model guitar, it has the Floyd Rose style nut without the locks. There are high spots past the 19th-20th frets - but elsewhere the frets are fine and the neck is FAST. All Original, we've seen this guitar sell for upwards of $2,500! If you have any questions about this guitar, please feel free to call or send us a message!