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Kramer American Pacer Deluxe 1986/87 Off-White

Product Description

The Pacer is probably the most commonly known Kramer, and it is probably the first guitar you think of when you hear the name Kramer. This late 80s Kramer Deluxe is a screaming shredder! This model was made in Japan at the ESP factory and assembled and QCed in the US. This was a great period for the Kramers as the guitars being made were of consistently high quality. This guitar has obviously been played through the years and it shows signs of wear which we tried our best to highlight in the photos. Our tech set it up with 9s - the action is low and it is built to play leads. The HSS configuration gives you that classic 80s metal tone. If you have any questions about this guitar, please feel free to get in touch with us. Guitar is priced low and ready to ship!