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Korg Kaossilator Pro - SOLD

Product Description
  • KAOSS X-Y touchpad offers intuitive, realtime control
  • 200 sounds covering modern synth sounds such as lead and bass, and diverse acoustic sounds from piano to trumpet and beyond
  • PCM samples provide dramatic drum kits and ready to rock percussion patterns
  • Vocoder programs deliver scintillating vocal effects
  • Access up to eight of your favorite sounds instantly using the assignable Program Memory buttons

The Korg Kaossilator pro dynamic phrase synthesizer is the supercharged version of the palm-sized Kaossilator. the Kaossilator Pro was reborn as a powerful track-making tool and loaded with live performance power. it creates spontaneous changes that were difficult to produce in the past. not any longer with the Korg Kaossilator pro dynamic phrase synthesizer. as a trailblazer among the "instrumental gadgets" that allowed anyone to easily create melodies and phrases, the Kaossilator gained a strong and dedicated user base, even among those without any performing experience. today, the Kaossilator continues to be enormously popular. retaining these revolutionary features – while adding a wide variety of new ones as well – is the Kaossilator pro. with 200 sound programs, a new electribe-inspired gate arpeggiator, and four loop recording banks that can even record external audio sources, the Kaossilator pro is packed with features that make it ideal for both live performance and premium productions. in addition, usb connectivity with your computer and sd card memory storage allow the Kaossilator pro to be used not just for improvised performances, but also as a superbly intuitive, track-making music production tool. using touchpad is highly intuitive – simply rub, stroke, or tap it to instantly create complex phrases with a single finger. responding instantly to these gestures, the Kaossilator pro creates spontaneous changes that were difficult to produce on synthesizers of the past. horizontal motions control the pitch, while the vertical axis can control tone parameters such as cutoff, feedback, or modulation depth. this makes it easy for anyone to create entirely original sounds and musical phrases.
$299.00 $399.00