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Kahua KA-21M Soprano Ukulele

Product Description
  • Made from factory tested, high quality Mahogany wood
  • Coco Nylon strings that produce crisp, clear sounds
  • Carrying bags and replacement strings are also available

The Ukulele is a subset of the guitar family with four nylon and usually come in four sizes including Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone. Originally, Ukulele was born in Hawaii, but is now very popular in a variety of musical genres. This Kahua KA-21M 21-Inch Soprano Ukulele is made from Mahogany, and features four high-quality nylon strings which produce crisp, clear sounds. It also has a rosewood fingerboard, and features a beautiful rosette pattern around the sound hole. This beautiful ukulele works best for any novice player, and comes at an extremely affordable price!