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Floyd Rose Speed Loader Strings - Pack of 12 Sets - Beyond Super Rare (New-Old Stock/Original Packaging)

Product Description
To ensure Floyd Rose quality and consistency, Speed Loader Strings have undergone years of rigorous development and testing to meet Floyds exacting specifications. Speed Loader Strings are only for use on Speed Loader Bridges and Convergent Tuning Bridges. String ends components are precision made in Switzerland by one of the worlds leading manufacturers of Swiss machine parts. String wire is manufactured in the United States by the leading music wire manufacturers.

Strings are precision cut to within 0.002 inch and string ends are applied to the wire with pneumatic crimping machines designed by Floyd Rose to achieve a pitch tolerance of plus or minus 18 percent (18/100 of a semi-tone (this is about 1/4 turn of a fine tuning)). Each and every string is tested for pitch tolerance compliance prior to packaging.