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EMG 60A Active Guitar Pickup (New-Old Stock/Original Box)

Product Description

Monster Music recently acquired the inventory of a fellow dealer and we've gotten some killer new and "new old stock" boutique items for you in the process. We are in possession of a true gold mine here, folks!

The 60A humbucker packs plenty of output with a balance of thick, boosted mids, big lows and balanced highs. Featuring close aperture coils, similar to a mini-humbucker, this model produces rich harmonic overtones with plenty of sustain. The Alnico magnets tame some of the highs of the 60, while retaining a smooth treble response and plenty of output. Great in the rhythm position of your guitar for clean bluesy tones or the bridge position for some added crunch and punch to your sound. A solderless install process makes upgrading your guitar's sound easy to do on your own.

Monster Music has been in business for close to 30 years, so please bid and buy with confidence.