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CMG Ashlee US, Amber - SOLD

Product Description
  • Body: mahogany
  • Neck: mahogany
  • Fret board: rosewood
  • Top: arch maple
  • Binding: masked
  • Pickups: Seymour Duncan Vintage '59 Humbuckers
  • Tuners: Grover™ - 18:1
  • Fret board Radius: 12” (305mm)
  • Width at Nut: 43mm
  • Width at last fret: 58mm
  • First fret thickness: 21mm
  • 12th fret thickness: 25mm
  • Scale Length: 24.75” (628mm)
  • Inlay: None
  • Side Dots: White
  • Slim Waist, “E” bend Cut, Soft Corners
  • Four degree neck pitch (for natural arm movement)

CMG guitars is an all USA company out of Statesboro, GA that has been making a major splash the past couple years. This is serial number 10. That's right this is the 10th guitarthey ever made! Monster Music got their very first shipment after their introduction at the 2012 Nashville NAMM show. So here is how you can take advantage of an amazing opportunity. We have a very liberal layaway program here at Monster Music and someone had a deposit on this guitar for over a year. So it never left Monster, and therefore is still brand new, but we had it off the floor waiting on this guy to finish paying it off. Well he just let us know that he came on hard times and needs to apply his partial payment to other less expensive products. So this guitar is now available to the public again, and we are dropping the price to make it even more attractive. This is all USA woods, components (USA Duncan Vintage '59 pickups, USA Grover tuners), and assembled by hand in Georgia. This guitar weighs a ton and this has that OLD SCHOOL Les Paul feel that you remember before everything got chambered. Don't miss out. We are including a nice CMG deluxe padded gigbag at no charge too.
The CWG Ashlee US is part of our American Girl Series. Chris Mitchell Guitars is proud to say that we are launching our new factory in Statesboro, GA. We plan on building a world class guitar at a fraction of the price you’d expect. With state of the art CNC and computer aided design, we’re able to produce a precise guitar in a fraction of the time it would take using only conventional methods.
You’ll love this American girl! She’s outfitted with features that keep her natural beauty and simple features you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.The pickup configuration is complimented by a treble bleed in the wiring harness. A treble bleed allows you to turn the volume down without losing the tone you get from conventional volume pots.Speaking of volume, there’s only one of this baby! We’ve never saw the need for two volumes and two tone knobs so we got rid of them–keeping the design simple and easier to use. Have you ever been on stage and turned the wrong volume down at the wrong time? Yep. We have too. Not anymore. We’re removing the variable.You’ll also notice that the toggle is in a much easier to reach place. It also won’t get in your way when you’re tapping away like Eddie….We also take custom orders for the Ashlee US models. If you want a specific color or if you have a request that we feel we can accommodate, feel free to ask. We’re always up for a challenge. Just remember that custom instruments will take longer than normal stock.
Let’s face it, Leo got it right! Every guitar should hug you this nicely. When we were designing the American Ashlee, we decided to complete the design with a slim waistline. That way, the guitar gets brought in closer to the player and the player feels more comfortable with the instrument.The closer you are to your instrument, the more you’ll want to hold it. You’ll want to hold the American Ashlee for a very, very long time!Aside from bringing you closer to the guitar, the belly cut also adds comfort on your ribs. Older designs tend to dig into the ribcage, causing discomfort. This guitar feels great standing up or sitting down.Of course… while it’s in your hands, the audience will be on their feet (no matter how you choose to stand).