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Carvin SX-50 50 Watt 1-12 Solidstate Combo Amp with Onboard DSP Effects - Used

Product Description
Carvin SX50, rarely-seen 50 watt solidstate , 2 channel, 1-12 combo amp. Original Carvin Pro Series heavy duty 12" speaker (very Celestion-sounding). Very versatile amp with built-in 24 bit DSP effects, extension speaker out and Carvin's terrific tube emulation distortion.

Great for rehearsal or even small to medium gigs (I used it for gigging many times with my band!). The bigger (and much heavier) versions of this amp like the SX-100 and SX-200 come up for sale pretty regularly but this one is not seen too often. 

Only 27 pounds 

The only modification that has been made to this amp is an extra jack (on bottom right of back of amp) that allows the amp to be used as an extension speaker cabinet!

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