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Blackstar Artisan Series 100 100W Tube Head

Product Description
  • 100W head
  • 4 x EL34 output valves
  • 4-way Voice switch charts the timeline of 100W designs
  • Hi and Lo inputs perfect for channel blending
  • Impedance selector

The Blackstar Artisan Series is often regarded as the modern mecca of clean tone. With Hi and Lo inputs, 4 dialed in voicings, presence and a fine tuned EQ panel, it is virtually impossible not to great tone. This head is in overall great condition - the tubes have plenty of life in them, pots are clean and 100 watts give plenty of headroom. The tolex has a couple of dings and MINOR tears in it, but oddly they look much worse in the photos than they do in person. Please feel free to contact us for any more detailed photos. Also please note that the distributor of Blackstar has ZERO availability for this Artisan head and no date certain at all as to when they will be available again!