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Ashdown RM-MAG-220 Bass Head

Product Description
Compact, Lightweight 220-watt Bass Amp from Ashdown Scores of discerning bass players rely on Ashdown amplifiers like this RM-MAG-220 bass amp head for rock-solid tone and reliable performance. You've got a lot of tonal flexibility - when we saw this amp packs a five-band EQ, an overdrive control, a subharmonic generator, compression, and an XLR DI output, we knew this amp is ready to be a gigging workhorse. The best part is that at less than 12 pounds, the Ashdown RM-MAG-220 may be one of the lightest bass amps you've ever owned. Ashdown Rootmaster RM-MAG-220 Bass Amplifier Head at a Glance:
  • An EQ built for tone-tweaking bass players
  • Sculpt your sound with onboard overdrive, compression, and subharmonics
  • Ashdown delivers the modern bass sound
An EQ built for tone-tweaking bass players One of the things that Ashdown bass amplifiers are revered for are their equalizers and basic tone-shaping controls. The RM-MAG-220's EQ gives you the same basic three bands most amps have, with low and high shelving bands and a broad midrange band. But there are two additional EQ controls onboard the RM-MAG-220, at 240Hz and 1.5kHz. These let you control the frequencies responsible for boxiness in the low end and spankiness in the top end. Sculpt your sound with onboard overdrive, compression, and subharmonics A flexible EQ is only half of the tone-shaping power the RM-MAG-220 bass amplifier head has to offer. Ashdown also loaded the RM-MAG-220 with a handful of solid core processors and effects. For starters, there's a simple one-knob compressor onboard that lets you add extra punch to your dynamics. Overdrive also lets you rough up your sound, taking it anywhere from a hint of grit to in-your-face fuzz. And if you need even more bass, just trigger the RM-MAG-220's onboard subharmonics generator for an instant boost in low-end resonance. Ashdown delivers the modern bass sound With a solid artist roster that includes Adam Clayton of U2 and James Jamerson, Jr. as well as and the late, great John Entwistle of The Who, Ashdown delivers the sound of modern bass. Launched in 1996, the company has been guided by a singular vision: doing it right. Sweetwater knows you need reliable amplification, and Ashdown amps are built for serious tour-grade abuse. Whether tube or solid-state circuits (or both) are employed, Ashdown amps serve up punchy, powerful tone with remarkable transparency and deep, controlled low end, along with exceptional mid-band attack and high-end brilliance. Take the stage with bass equipment that won't let you down. Rock with Ashdown. Ashdown Rootmaster RM-MAG-220 Bass Amplifier Head Features:
  • Compact, lightweight (11.8 lbs.) bass amplifier head
  • Flexible tone shaping with the 5-band EQ
  • Add punch to your tone with the built-in compressor
  • Add harmonic growl to your tone with built-in overdrive
  • Drive and Subharmonic effects can be controlled via optional footswitch (sold separately)
  • Ready to gig, with 4-ohm speakON/phono speaker output and XLR DI output
Your bass will sound huge with the Ashdown Rootmaster RM-MAG-220!