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Shark Attack!

No joke…a couple of kids walk in the other day…one of the two is actually an employee of a local GUITAR CENTER. They browse around the store for a few minutes and the Guitar Center kid says, “wow, look at all this stuff here, we don’t have ANY of this at GC! “ We do our best to get the word out and to let everyone know about our shop, and yet so often a huge percentage of the public remains unaware of our existence. So this month we decided to roll the dice big time. We bought a big radio ad campaign on 94.3 The Shark. Listen to the embedded audio clip and let us know what you think!

94.3 FM The Shark - Monster Music Promo One of the things we want to draw attention to this month is our Open Mic Night on Saturday, June 29th. All are welcome. The music starts at 6pm and usually ends when the authorities come and shut us down. But it is a great night of music making. Performing slots fill up fast so please shoot Mike or me an e-mail or call us so that we can get you on the list. I Ignite appearing at the open mic night - promoted on 94.3 the shark Nifty Breed is performing at the open mic night - promoted on 94.3 the shark Open mic will feature performances by I Ignite (Stefen pictured left) and will be headlined by Nifty Breed (featuring Railhammer artist Matty Marcus pictured right). Check out their music here: I Ignite Nifty Breed

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