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Mystery Shopper Visits Monster Music

You can say what you want about the CEO of the Knicks, Rangers, Madison Square Garden, and Cablevision. Most people have strong feelings -- rarely positive -- about him. Maybe this is a reflection of how negatively the press covers him. Maybe it is a function of the fact that his teams have had more than their fare share of disappointment during his tenure. Regardless, the sentiment is what it is. About a week ago a nice middle aged man, wearing a hat, and looking somewhat familiar, came in with his wife to do some Christmas shopping. I gave them a quick and respectful lay of the land -- it was a busy Saturday -- and left them to their browsing. About 10 minutes later they made their way to the counter with what must have been a foot high stack of music books...and they were just getting started. "Last name?", I ask as I complete the checkout. "Dolan", he replies. "First name", I follow up. "James". I knew it. Wow. A small part of me wanted to recalculate the invoice to recoup some of the late fees that Cablevision has charged me over the years, but mainly I just thought how cool it was that James Dolan choose Monster Music to shop at. Cablevision, or "Optimum" as they now go by, had actually been running an ad campaign encouraging the general public to eschew the National Chains and shop locally, and here was their CEO doing just that! I didn't want to make a big deal of his presence, although I tossed in a "nice to see the Knicks playing well", to which he responded, "I just wish we had hockey", and he was on his way. I also would like to acknowledge how Mr. Dolan has kept music in his own life. He is the front man for the band JD and The Straight Shot and their website is Our motto at Monster Music is "Stop Dreaming, Start Playing!" and Mr. Dolan personifies this.

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