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Cars aren’t the only cool thing to come out of Detroit


What many great inventors have in common, is that they take what after the fact seems like a simple idea, and ultimately change the way we all think about something.

Some nearly 20 years ago, Joe F. Naylor started Reverend Guitars in a small guitar workshop in Michigan with a big idea: build a guitar that is completely different from anything else out there.  Now, you might tell yourself, there are lots of “different” and “unique” guitars out there.  For example Steinberger might come to mind. Gittler maybe.  There are guitars with acrylic bodies, or aluminum necks.  How about your double, triple or quadruple neck guitars?  Those are all very cool but there’s a common thread.  Lack of practicality.  The difference with Reverend, was that these were going to be practical, everyday guitars.  I mean, what good is a guitar really if you can’t bring it to every gig?

This was the beginning of what is commonly known as the “Phenolic Era” of Reverend Guitars.

Reverend Slingshot USA Blood Red Guitar 2001 Used Reverend Avenger TL USA Lava Swirl 2001 Used

The basic idea was a molded polymer body, with a phenolic top and back.  Phenol, is a super lightweight, plastic like material.  Inside, there would be a solid mahogany centerpiece for sustain and overall stability.  The end result was an electric instrument that was so tonally and harmonically rich, and with an astounding amount of sustain from the center wood block, that it could also be enjoyed unplugged because of the amount of resonance the body would produce!  Brilliant!

Reverend Spy USA 1997 Deep Sea Teal #00084

These phenolic guitars were produced from 1997 until May of 2006.  In that time period, only roughly 4500 guitars were made.  A lot of them were made to order, some were later modified by their owners, some were simply lost or mistreated and endured short lives. This makes the all original phenolic guitars some of the most sought after and hard to come by.

Chances are you will never see one in a guitar shop...  Well, we recently got our hands on 5!

Reverend Slingshot Jr USA 2001 57 YellowReverend Slingshot USA Morrocan Gold 2003

We are already getting a whole lot of calls and e-mails from all parts of the country about these guitars, so come on down today to check out a piece of American guitar history before they are gone.

If you’ve been to our shop, you know all about how crazy we are about Reverends, and if you haven’t, we’d love to meet you and get one of these in your hands!

[caption id="attachment_59986" align="alignnone" width="462"]Reverend Guitars Ken Haas Mike Zegelbach Monster Music
“Ken & Mike are curious why you haven’t played a Reverend yet”

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