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Breedlove Guitars HQ Visit & Tour

The past several months you may have heard us talk about recently becoming a Breedlove Guitars Distinctive Dealer.  We are honored to have been named such a dealer, but what exactly does that mean?  What makes us different from any other Breedlove dealer?  Well, simply put it means that we have exclusive access to the vault of Masterclass and Exotic series guitars from the industry’s most progressive, forward thinking acoustic guitar manufacturer.  It also puts us on the map as the only dealer in the NY area with access to their Custom Sound Studio – a custom shop where we, or our customers, can hand select woods and other components to build one of a kind custom guitars!  Breedlove has a distinct vision of what the natural evolution of the acoustic should be and are hard at work building the guitars of tomorrow.  Mike set out on a journey to Bend, Oregon where these guitars are made to spend some time with the folks at Breedlove HQ.  Here is what we found out. Breedlove Guitars HQ Tour A Breedlove guitar's life starts out here, where the appropriate pieces of wood are hand selected. Breedlove Guitars HQ Tour Here I am standing in the world's largest reservoir of Brazilian Rosewood.  Brazilian Rosewood is referred to as one of the finest tone woods.  The site is breathtaking! Breedlove Guitars HQ Tour After they are cut to size, they are finely sanded to a smooth textured cut.  Here we see Oregon grown Myrtlewood getting sanded down.  It is incredible to see the differences in textures and grains that can come from the same tree. Breedlove Guitars HQ Tour The sides of the guitar go through a heating and bending process.  Here we see some rosewood being bent for a dreadnought size guitar. Breedlove Guitars HQ Tour Once the top, back and sides are put together, the guitars are bound.  Here we see a King Koa getting paired up with abalone binding.  This process takes such skill and precision that a single guitar can take up to 7 or 8 hours to finish. Breedlove Guitars HQ Tour Here is a close up of the Exotic King Koa getting bound - wow! Breedlove Guitars HQ Tour A rack of bodies waiting to get sprayed. Breedlove Guitars HQ Tour Once the bodies are coated, they go through a long and specific buffing process to bring out a beautiful shine and luster in the gloss. Breedlove Guitars HQ Tour The necks go through a very similar process. Breedlove Guitars HQ Tour Up next is one of the final steps.  The guitars are matched up with their necks, glued, and strung up.  This process takes approximately 24 hours per guitar to assure optimal action and playability. Next stop - Custom Sound Studio!  One of the reason for my trip to Bend was to hand select the woods which would be used for a one of a kind, custom guitar built specifically for Monster Music!  I could easily spend all day here. Breedlove Guitars HQ Tour Here I went through a plethora of samples to decide which types of wood our custom guitar eventually would be built from.  We literally went through dozens of choices before we narrowed it down to just a couple to choose from.  Here you see a beautiful Myrtlewood paired with Port Orford Cedar.  These pictures do not do these woods justice!  Decisions, decisions, decisions! Breedlove Guitars HQ Tour Here I am signing what will eventually become a custom guitar that will only be available right here at Monster Music! We will be getting periodical updates from the folks at Breedlove about the progress of our guitar so check back often!

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