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Monster Music - New York


CMG Guitars owner, Chris Mitchell, at Monster Music: Thursday July 28th // 7pm!!!! 0

Who is tired of hearing that American Manufacturing is dead? We definitely are! At Monster Music we love to support those great small businesses that have the guts, the nerve, but most importantly the skill to build a great product right here in the USA with ALL USA components! CMG Guitars is just such a company. Founded by Chris Mitchell and his wife Ashlee a mere 4 years ago CMG has built a reputation as a Go-To instrument for gigging musicians and hobbyists alike. When Chris first put a CMG Ashlee in my hands at NAMM 2013 in Nashville I was hooked. "Now THAT is what a Les Paul USED TO feel like!" was my actual first reaction! CMGBUB

CMG - Ashlee Bubba Blue "Stripey"

They also have a line of affordable hand-wired tube amps (one played in Garth Brooks' band last month at Yankee Stadium) called Devilcat and Chris will be demoing these as well. Monster Music was one of CMG's first dealers and are proud to represent this terrific USA brand. We are thrilled that Chris Mitchell (and his lovely wife Ashlee) will be with us for a free in store clinic on Thursday night July 28th starting around 7pm. Please come down and join us. Pick Chris' brain about his approach to guitar building, listen to some great live music, and get your hands on these amazing all USA guitars!!! See you then! -Brian   Click here for the official Facebook Event Page!

Bernie Williams, Gil Parris & Reverend Guitars Rock The House! 0

I had a dream come true this past Friday night when legendary Yankee Bernie Williams spent a few hours at my shop in Levittown. In the intimate setting that Monster Music provided, Bernie not only shared his remarkable skill as a musician but also his insights on baseball and life and how music so elegantly interlocks them all.
MIG_0026 copy
MIG_0031 copy
The 120 or so guests were also delighted to have Gil Parris share the stage with Bernie as the two wowed us through an array of their own original material including a dazzling and moving interpretation of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game".
MIG_0016 copy MIG_0035 copy
Thanks to Reverend Guitars and to everyone who came out to visit with us but mainly...
Thank you, Bernie!
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Monster Music wins Namm Top 100 Dealer Award once again! 0

Monster Music in Levittown, New York has been once again named one of the world’s Top 100 musical instrument and product retailers! The global association for the music products industry, the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), will formally present Monster Music with the Top 100 honor during the industry’s upcoming trade event, Summer NAMM in Nashville. The Top 100 designation recognizes: - A demonstrated commitment to exceptional customer service. - Proven community advocacy and support for for music education. - An exemplary retail experience worth returning for and recommending to others. - Merchandising and marketing tactics that encourage repeat sales. - Sound planning for future success, employing marketing and training initiatives. - Engaging and effective use of web and social media.
Monster Music is also under consideration to receive the Dealer of the Year award, NAMM’s highest honor for retailers, and seven other “Best of” awards including: Best Store Design, Best Marketing and Sales Promotion, Best Online Engagement, Music Makes a Difference Award, Best Emerging Dealer, Best Store Turnaround and Best Customer Service. Winners of these categories, as well as Dealer of the Year, will be announced at the July 10 award ceremony in Nashville. Businesses vying for Top 100 status are evaluated for a sound business model, resourceful approaches, and effective implementation of best practices. A panel of independent judges scores each entry to determine the Top 100. Dubbed the ‘retail Oscars’ by Music Inc. magazine, NAMM’s Top 100 Dealer Awards spotlights the industry’s very best music product retailers. “The music retailers honored with NAMM’s Top 100 Dealer status are those working hard to create positive musical experiences for everyone from those just learning to experienced musicians,” said Joe Lamond, president and CEO of NAMM. “Brian Reardon and the Monster Music team are important ambassadors for making music in New York and exemplifies the passion for making music that unites us all.”

The Breedlove Exotic Parlor, Brazilian Rosewood, and why this guitar is so unique! 0

When you hear "the most prized tonewood in the world," what comes to mind? If you’re like most luthiers, musicians and collectors, you automatically think of Brazilian rosewood, the universally coveted, exceptionally rare and heavily regulated tonewood. Those fortunate enough to own a guitar made with Brazilian rosewood – and those who have had the opportunity to play one – know this tonewood is something unique and incredible. Brazilian rosewood is hard, stiff, and highly resonant with a chime-like ring that sustains. When cut, it has a delicious floral scent, similar to roses, thus the name. Breedlove recently negotiated the purchase of the world’s largest collection of completely legal, certified CITES-compliant Brazilian rosewood for use in their highest end instruments. Breedlove's stock of Brazilian rosewood is not only legally certified, exquisite, and rare, it is completely stable due to the number of years these sets cured in a perfect climate prior to acquisition. These tone sets were cared for by experts for over 50 years in Spain before being transferred to the wood experts at Breedlove. Breedlove Exotic Parlor

Brazillian Rosewood on the Breedlove Exotic Parlor


Why is Brazilian rosewood so heavily regulated? In 1967, Brazilian rosewood had become so popular for instruments and other wood products that the Brazilian government became concerned that this precious hardwood could be wiped out, so the government outlawed the export of rosewood logs. What are the details of the Brazilian rosewood regulations? In 1967, the Brazilian government outlawed the export of Brazilian rosewood logs and in 1992 the newly formed CITES convention declared Brazilian rosewood a threatened species. As a result, most nations throughout the world declared it illegal to harvest, export or import any Brazilian rosewood (including products produced from Brazilian rosewood) harvested after 1992. In 2008 the United States Congress expanded the Lacey Act to include wood products and required chain of custody for every step of ownership of Brazilian rosewood to insure compliance with U.S.A. and international regulations. Is it legal to buy a guitar made from Brazilian rosewood? If the guitar is a Breedlove, it is 100% legal. For other manufacturers, it depends on whether the instrument was made from legally obtained Brazilian rosewood. In order for the instrument to be legal, you must have proof that the rosewood was already cut prior to the bans. When you purchase or design a custom a Breedlove guitar made from Brazilian rosewood, it will come with all the paperwork necessary to prove that your guitar is not only crafted from legally-obtained rosewood, but also to qualify for a guitar passport, to enable you to travel across international borders with your guitar. How can I be sure the Brazilian Rosewood in my Breedlove is legal? We bought our supply from Madinter, a hardwood trading company specializing in Brazilian rosewood. Mandinter imported several Brazilian rosewood logs during the 1950s and 1960s, prior to the 1967 Brazilian restrictions. Our selection of Brazilian tone sets comes exclusively from these trees imported prior to 1967. We purchased Madinter’s collection in its entirety in 2013. Every Breedlove guitar crafted from Brazilian rosewood has supporting documentation that ensures that your instrument is legal. Click here to check out the new Breedlove Exotic Parlor Acoustic made with Brazilian Rosewood  

Blackstar Amps & ESP Guitars Gear Clinic 0

Another awesome event at Monster Music. Blackstars Ian Robinson and Paul Hayhoe stole the show with TONS of insight on their powerhouse line of amps. From blues to rock to metal and back, these amps do it all! MIG_0562 copy MIG_0559 copy MIG_0556 copy MIG_0576 copy MIG_0573 copy MIG_0571 copy MIG_0567 copy MIG_0568 copy MIG_0577 copy MIG_0578 copy MIG_0581 copy MIG_0583 copy MIG_0586 copy MIG_0589 copy MIG_0590 copy MIG_0591 copy MIG_0592 copy MIG_0593 copy MIG_0594 copy MIG_0597 copy MIG_0595 copy

Premier Guitar Press Release 0

Things have been quite abuzz around here since we announced our collaboration with Reverend Guitars on our exclusive Sensei HB model, and as we close in on a week since our announcement things are only getting better! Check out the awesome write-up we got from Premier Guitar!


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